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Wet // Glam-o-Rama // Premonitions
December 3
The Brooklyn College Art Department presents three extremely timely concurrent exhibitions.

129 Russell St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

How do we take control of the meaning of heightened female physicality? How can people rewrite the extremes of femininity? GLAM-O-RAMA is an exhibition of painting, sculpture, craft, video, and live performance that finds power and self expression in the unabashedly girly. Featured artists include Megan Cavanaugh, Celie Gruber, Helena Halvarsson, Eliza Moore, Samantha Rivera, and Adrienne Wagner, with curators Julia Frey and Megan Heckmann. The exhibition aims to take the female traps out of feminine trappings, investigating how femininity can be used to exaggerate and celebrate the self rather than hide. Larger than life demands attention.

features work from artists Olivia Taylor, Georgie Flores, Sam Day Harmet, Helena Halvarsson, and Thomas Hemmerick. The exhibition is curated by Sam Day Harmet and Madeline Donahue.

“Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory”
-Annie Lennox

Water is an essential element of life, a source of beauty and inspiration, a creator, a destroyer, a precious resource. It is also increasingly a major source of political and social upheaval as climate change causes catastrophic draughts and unprecedented coastal flooding across the world. Like Poseidon, water is a capricious force with the simultaneous powers to sustain and devastate. The exhibition Wet invites participating artists to explore water as a subject matter in a variety of forms and media ranging from video pieces, to sculptural installations, to interactive hydration packs.

Curated by Sadah Espii Proctor & Elizabeth Insogna

Artists include: Jesse Bransford, Lexi Campbell, Leah Devun, Madeline Donahue, Georgie Flores, Joshua Gabriel (J-Mythos), Vernon Jordan III, Paul Leopold, & Wi-Moto Nyoka

PREMONITIONS brings together artists that offer a new version of the altered and inclusive in reality, despite what presupposed conditions currently exist. Each work creates a unique lens into matters involving the lost, obscured, and hidden aspects of reality, which exist individually and together collectively as a culture. The works included also seek to engage futuristically and to restate a mode of empowerment that cannot afford to be lost; the works serve to strengthen our momentum to survive.
All projects are created by the Brooklyn College Art and PIMA MFA students as part of Collaborative Strategies, Fall 2016. 

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On 11/22/2016

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