RESPOND BC: Opening Reception

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Library Lobby

At a time when many feel that their voices are ignored, dismissed, or unheard, many members of the Brooklyn College community have chosen to participate in RESPOND BC!

Consistent with the College’s commitment to recognize diverse voices, students and faculty have submitted art, in a variety of media including performances, that conveys personal, social, cultural or political positions.

RESPOND BC! is scheduled jointly and in sync with President Anderson’s series, Enhancing Understanding and Compassion at Brooklyn College.  As art is one of our most powerful tools for communication, artworks can help foster a better understanding of one another.  Submissions engage issues such as gender, the environment, or immigration, and express feelings explicitly or abstractly.
Exhibitions and performances will be held in different venues, including outdoor spaces, across campus from April 23 – April 28, 2017.

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Photos by: David Rozenblyum

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On 04/26/2017

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