Wall, 2017

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Wall, 2017, an historical tribute to Allan Kaprow’s 1970 Sweet Wall   by Judith Rubenstein

In November, 1970, Allan Kaprow, an artist known for his “Happenings,” built, to condemn the Berlin Wall, his Sweet Wall near its site in Germany.  He cemented  cinder blocks with bread and jam, then knocked them down.

What I am proposing is an historical tribute and a statement about walls. It is about President Trump’s proposed wall between Mexico and the U.S. 

My plan is to, with 15-20 helpers, build a wall of 20-30 cardboard and styrofoam boxes on the Brooklyn College lawn between Ingersoll and Boylan Halls.  We will “cement” the boxes with paste, and then graffiti the wall.   Then we will knock this down.  The wall will be built on a plastic tarp so as to protect the lawn.  The entire process will take an hour or two.  Passersby can join in.

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On 04/28/2017

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