Special Topics in Art History, Fall 2019, Prof. Chris Richards

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The art of African textiles and personal adornment.

Fall 2019 lecture course, ARTD 3195/7196G – Special Topics


Instructor: Professor Christopher Richards

As one of the continent’s most potent and malleable forms of artistic

expression, this course will familiarize students with an array of

African dress forms. Beginning with colonial misunderstandings of

“undressed” African bodies, the course will explore classical African

textiles, such as kente cloth and wax print, and contemporary fashion,

including the work of South African designer Laduma Ngxokolo. The

course will conclude by exploring how contemporary African artists,

like Yinka Shonibare, reference the materials and forms of African

dress through their work.

For more information, contact Professor Richards at c.richards66@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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On 03/29/2019

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