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‘My Practice Looks Very Different Today’: 15 Artist-Mothers on Balancing Work and Family After a Year Like No Other….

“The events of 2020 turned the world upside down for everyone. But the burden of life in lockdown has predominantly fallen on women, and on mothers in particular, with many pressured to leave the workforce entirely to focus on childcare while schools are virtual, relying on a husband’s typically higher income.

For many artist mothers, especially those who already work from home studios, this issue has shaped their experiences of the pandemic, limiting their studio time as they struggle to adapt to new roles as full-time teacher, chef, maid, nurse, and playmate.

The situation, with its expanded caregiving demands, only adds to the professional disadvantages mothers who are artists already find themselves facing.

We spoke to 15 artist-mothers about their experiences during the pandemic, the challenges of stay-at-home parenting, and how they’ve achieved some sort of balance between their dual identities as artist and mother heading into 2021.” – read the full article HERE

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On 01/14/2021

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