Abigail Akindude

Abigail Akindude
ABIGAIL AKINDUDE, New York State Law, 2020
Abigail Akindude
Abigail Akindude

Abigail Akindude is a multimedia artist whose work focuses on mental, physical, emotional health, as well as self imagery, and representation of people of color. Her multidisciplinary work includes ceramics, textiles, installation, painting, printmaking and performance art. Influenced by her own experience in the world, as well as the experiences of those around her, she uses her sculptures to create conversations concerning different perspectives. The variety of textures she uses creates a visual conversation of dualities in life. In her sculpture installation Akindude explores the notions of safety and the illusion of safety for many people. With the uses of ceramics and textiles, prints, and painting Akindude creates a conversation about the dualities of these textures and their connection to the way safety is viewed. She also created a series including multimedia sculptures about the reproductive health organs of women. These abstract sculptures and prints were created to present the health complications of many women of color in the world. Black women in particular are underrepresented as well as under treated in the health industry, these sculptures and prints are a way to not only give these women a voice, but to shed light on these physical and mental health complications. The abstract form in which these sculptures are created challenge the viewer’s perception of the actuality of the object. The installation also includes a series of self portraits made from etching prints and ceramic busts to show through self portraiture what mental illnesses like anxiety, and depression can look like.

1. Abigail Akindude, New York State Law, 2020, hair on recycled canvas, 20 x 45 (2 photos)

2. Abigail Akindude, Self Portrait, 2020, ceramic bust, 8 x 8 x 10 (2 photos)

3. Abigail Akindude, Inside my Head, 2019, etching w aquatint on paper, 10 x 13

4. Abigail Akindude, Self Portrait, 2019, etching on paper, 10 x 13

5. Abigail Akindude, Yarn Impression, 2019, etching on paper, 10 x 13

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