Adriana Boucher

Adriana Boucher
1. Baby Brother, 2017
Adriana Boucher

My works consist of paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital works and photography. I worked in different mediums mostly because of personal preference, with each medium comes a different feeling and level of interest. Different mediums allow me to express different emotions and also keep me from feeling monotonous while working. Although my work is focused on one subject, my baby brother, it is not the subject that brings the monotony, but instead the subject that inspires me to break free from it.

His sense of adventure and intrigue to learn new things, as all kids do, inspires my willingness to take chances, try new mediums, think bigger and more complex, or think smaller and simpler. These works show how he has grown and continues to grow and inspire me. They show the connection we have as siblings and the bond we share.

I work primarily from photos and videos I’ve taken of him at the moments I appreciate. These moments remind me how amazing he is and how happy he makes me. Some ideas come to me while I am preparing my canvas and looking through my gallery and see a picture or video of him I like, that makes me smile, and that I can capture a moment from.

With my work I hope to give the audience the same sense of joy and happiness that I experience when I look at pictures and videos and look back at the time I spend with my baby brother. I also hope to bring about a sense or a feeling of familiarity with the audience, through having siblings or being a parent, older sister or brother or family in general.

1. Adriana Boucher, Baby Brother , 2017, (Acrylic on canvas board), 12in x 16in

2. Adriana Boucher, Play Zone , 2019, (Acrylic on canvas board), 14in x 18in

3. Adriana Boucher, Bath-tub Blocks , 2019, (Colored pencil on paper), 14in x 18in

4. Adriana Boucher, Crib Climber , 2019, (Acrylic on paper), 14in x 17in

5. Adriana Boucher, Bubble Blower , 2019, (Digital painting)

6. Adriana Boucher, Say Cheese , 2019, (Digital painting)

7. Adriana Boucher, Spaghetti Lover, 2019/2020, (Mixed media on canvas), 18in x 24in

8. Adriana Boucher, Dandelion , 2019, (Graphite on paper), 18in x 24in

9. Adriana Boucher, 3-Faces , 2019, (Ink on paper), 14in x 17in

10. Adriana Boucher, Sip , 2019, (Ink on Paper), 14in x 17in

11. Adriana Boucher & Dontae Thompson, Sibling Compromise I , 2018, (Line art), 18in x 24in

12. Adriana Boucher & Dontae Thompson, Sibling Compromise II , 2019, (Line art), 18in x 24in

13. Adriana Boucher, (Acrylic paint on air-dry clay), 3.4in x 3in x 6in

14. Adriana Boucher, Candy for a baby , 2019, (Acrylic paint on air-dry clay), 3.5in x 9.5in

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