Francesca Simonite

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Growing up in a family of photographers has caused me to question what photography actually is and how it influences the way I understand my own experiences and memories. I believe that language works in similar ways as photography, informing how I remember and forget moments in time. In an attempt to explore the subjectivity and reality of the visual image and the written word, I manipulate personal 35mm snapshots and written memories, which I have accumulated over time. Thinking of myself as a camera, I am interested in seeing what happens when I physically alter the photographic image and words themselves. I question whether the act of cutting, dissecting and rearranging my personal archive of photographs and text makes these moments more true to my original experiences, or just as false as a single frame, print or word.


Woke Up This Morning, cut photograph, 15″ x 7″ x 7″.

  • Francesca Simonetti #3
  • Francesca Simonetti #4
  • Woke Up This Morning, cut photograph
  • Francesca Simonetti #2


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