Yuliana Lopez

Yuliana Lopez 1.
1. J Balvin-Como un Bebe , 2019
Yuliana Lopez

My work is a celebration of life’s emotions such as joy, inspiration, positivity, gratitude and liberation. In this series, the focus is on music artists that have impacted my life with their songs. The materials are acrylic paint and beads on a neon green fabric. Each piece has a sketch of a different artist left unpainted, leaving the neon fabric as their flesh. Their clothing is painted with elements that describe the song and their essence as an artist and as a human being.

As life might be upside-down, there are always moments when you can forget life’s burdens and

live for the present moment. I believe when we connect with a song on a deep level it can take us to a different state of mind and even more, when you dance, you connect to the feeling of the song and express it with your body by dancing. That has always captivated me from an early age and it is a moment of liberation when every hair on your body elevates as you radiate light and happiness.

1. Yuliana Lopez Alzate, J Balvin-Como un Bebe , 2019, (Mixed media on fabric), 36 x 24

2. Yuliana Lopez Alzate, Black Coffee-Muye , 2019, (Mixed media on fabric), 36 x 24

3. Yuliana Lopez Alzate, Rosalia-Malamente , 2020, (Mixed media on fabric), 24 x 36

4. Yuliana Lopez Alzate, Bomba Estereo-El Alma y El Cuerpo , 2020, (Mixed media on fabric), 24 x 36

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